Emerson Equipment was founded by Tom and Meriann Emerson on a ranch in the middle of the Nebraska Sandhills in the late 1960's.  What was once a repair shop, fixing tractors and hay equipment, has progressed to add parts, repair, equipment dealership and manufacturing to the small family owned business. Though we don't sell or fix tractors anymore we do repair everything we sell and more if needed.  We use most everything that we sell on our own ranch.  If the quality isn't good enough to use ourselves we won't sell it.  We strive to manufacture and sell reliable equipment at a reasonable price so that our customers don't have to spend an arm and a leg on something they are continually fixing.  If you want quality and affordability, Welcome to the right place! 

Emerson Ranch Equipment

44495 East Highway 2

Whitman, NE 69366